How to bring your frizzy hair back to life

By Julian | 15 August 2018 | 0 Comments

Everyone wants to have their
 human hair weaving to be shining and smooth but as we know that hair is the disposal product which will go damaged with time goes by and a asset that we have a set of good quality human hair could be an investment for it does cost some money .So today we are going to talk about how to make your hair weaving to be as shiny, realistic and flattering as possible.No matter if you are natural black hair ,blonde hair or other hair in different colors.but we do dont know how can we be in love with the hair that is super frizzy and unnatural for all people love the hair that looks healthy ,shining and smooth.Therefore we are going to share some tips on how to maintain your asset and get your frizzy hair back to life.

To have your human hair trimmed
If you are having a set of new hair and you should have it trim every six weeks for the human hair extensions will not be able to get the nutrition from the scalp .Then if you have some super damaged hair and you are going to chop the hair off that looks nasty then you should trim the hair the split end which will make your hair so much healthier.and it would be better if you get your hair ends deep condition three times a week so the split ends situation can be greatly avoided.
Get the best quality shampoo for your frizzy hair

If you used too much product on your human virgin hair and this is also one of the factor that result in the hair frizzy situation.and if the hair is buildup with products and you should remove it with some qualified shampoo however if the buildup is so bad that you cant get it off with shampoo and then you may consider to have a hair can use a dry shampoo or baby powder to help keep oil at a minimum in frizzy hair and in every day care you can condition your hair with no shampoo when you are taking a shower  

Keep you hair moisture
Please be noted that your human hair bundle and frontal that goes frizzy needs moisture too and they need nutrition more than your own natural hair for we know that they cant get nutrition from human scalp so the only way is to have it carefully taken care of.If they dont get proper hydrated and then it will get moisture from else where like the humidity in the air and the oil and sweat produced by your own body.Once it happened and you will not like the result that came out cause it will look so unpleasant .so that is to say it is important to use hair mask once for a week for most hair mask formulas intensely nourish, revitalize and strengthen hair.
Use some oil when the hair is still wet  
It is important to have your human hair wig with lace front being moisture ,especially for the back end of the hair which
 Put moisture back into your mane by applying moisture-locking oil to your tresses while it is still wet. This will keep your hair hydrated and help block out humidity. Once your hair is 90% dry, brush your hair with a mixed bristle brush to distribute oil onto the rest of your premium virgin hair extensions.You may also use a flat iron once your hair is completely dry. This will seal the cuticles for a smooth finish and keep straight hair from getting frizzy.

Switch to gentler styling tools and methods
If you really can’t part with pin-straight strands or bouncy curls, you should at least consider switching to gentler heat-styling products to reduce damage to your locks.Another tip to remember is to “always use a heat protection spray that coats your hair to protect it from the heat”.Besides, try to use the lowest possible heat tools.

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