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Do you really believe that the
real human hair extensions you are wearing does come from India ,Brazil or Malaysia ?We have to say that we are not really intend to break your fantasy and most of the hair are not .Many women will care about the hair origins and where it comes from but i think the only think that we should care about is the hair quality itself and that is the only factor that you should consider when buying Brazilian virgin human hair cause they are pure virgin premium raw unprocessed human hair just as their own hair on head.

As the hair is becoming more and more popular and a lot of women spend their hard earn money on the hair provided by the beauty supply store and wholesalers that dont really often provide good quality hair .Faddishir ,a responsible and one of the most reliable virgin hair suppliers knew that hair is an asset for women and especially for black women .so we are here today to talk about the most popular kind of hair that warmly received by our customers

Virgin Brazilian human hair is the favorite hair type among the kind of hair weaves.Because it is the most luxuriously soft, low maintenance hair as well as the texture blends seamlessly with most hair types.How much do you know about this kind of Brazilian virgin human hair extensions?

If you are a hair lover and wants to try this kind if Brazilian human hair then the passage today is a must read for you.Cause by reading this, can you not only know more about knowledge of hair weaving, but also you can save much money on hair, meanwhile, the more you know, the more beautiful you will be!

  1. What Is Brazilian Human Hair Weave?
  2. Detail and Property about Brazilian Wave Hair
  3. How to Care This Cheap Human Hair Weave Bundles?

What Is Brazilian Human Hair Weave?

As we know that Brazilian human hair is collected from donors in the south America and most of the donors are from small,rural countries within Brazil where all the donors are paid to grow their hair and then once the hair is long enough they will cut it and sell it to the hair vendors.

Details And Property About Brazilian Wavy Hair. 

Hair Material: 100% unprocessed human hair, Brazilian virgin human hair Hair Quality:8A Human hair
Hair Weight :95-105g/bundle
Hair Length:3 bundles/order,multiple choices,8inch-26inch;
For the length,stretching the hair to be STRAIGHT and then measure.
Hair Color: Natural black color, can be dyed and bleached. 
Hair Weft: Double Machine Weft 
Suitable Dying Colors: All Colors 
Any Mix Length According Requested 
Life: 8-12 months(Depending on use and care) 
Hair Texture:Body Wave/Straight/Loose Wave/Jerry Curly/Loose Wave



Fabulous straight hair bundles with closure

The most common Brazilian virgin hair texture is straight hair and it is beautiful and making great looking hair extensions.It also comes in wavy, straight or curly patterns.The straight hair is not really bone straight but tend to have light waves in it .it can be styled or restyled easily.we dont recommend to have it treated with heat or curling iron often cause it will dry the hair out.Virgin Brazilian hair extensions blend well with most natural ethnic hair textures and can last up to a year or more with proper care.

How To Care This Affordable Human Hair Weave Bundles?

Hair does put more attractiveness to ones outer appearance and you will look more beautiful with your Brazilian human hair .As we want the hair to last longer cause real human hair in the hair market is not cheap so we need to take good care of the hair to have it last longer than we expected .Below please to see how we care for the Brazilian hair bundles deals with closure.

We recommend the following virgin hair care guide:
How to keep hair tangle free?

1)Use a mild shampoo and wash your hair from up to down,not the opposite.
2) Use leave in conditioner daily but not too much in case the product build up
3) Never sleep on wet or tangled hair.
4) Make sure to wash&condition you hair at least once a week (twice a week is better).Use hydrating drops or consult you stylist for help.

How to avoid Shedding?
All of our hair wefts is double layers and machine made. So we think that the weft is neat enough.However, you may cut the hair weft into pieces to meet your head well before installation.So we suggest that one should seal the weft again so it will avoid the shedding problem greatly

1) After your hair is washed and you should apply some hair oil to the hair then the hair will stay silky and soft
2) Choose a wide-tooth comb is also a good way to avoid shedding
3) Too much heat may damage the hair. If heat is used, use a heat protection.
How to take care of your hair in daily life? 
(1) wash your human hair gently and do not rub the hair or comb the hair when wet cause this will shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions.
(2) Keep them moisturized, especially when you style extensions often.
(3) How to detangle the hair .Gently untangle dry extensions with a wide tooth comb.
(4) Please do not expose in the sun after washing the hair
(5) Let the weaves and hair extensions down every morning. 
There are many steps that you can take care of your hair as long as you do really want to .To have good hair is a way to leave a good impression on others and you will be looking at your best when your hair is healthy and beautiful .Your hairstyle can change your looks and affect your confidence positively!Whether you are looking for straight, wavy, body wave, or curly virgin Brazilian hair, know that you can always count on the hair extensions, weaves, and lace closures offered by

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